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Learn to Match Brick and Earn AIA Credit

The Creativity of Brick Matching: The Future of Brick Additions


Course Description:  This one-hour, on-demand program teaches participants how to make new construction match existing masonry.  Participants will observe a number of projects in which matching was attempted and discover why some failed and others succeeded.  Topics include selecting the right brick, making use of the physical brick-blending process, selecting a masonry coloring process, and specifying matching masonry in architectural plans. The presenter is an expert on the subject matter with over 30 years of hands-on experience in the brick industry. 


FOR AIA Credit or to get your Certificate of Completion: 

1st: Watch the one-hour audio-visual class packed with striking images of masonry problems and solutions: Click here or start the YouTube Video

2nd: Take the quiz: Click here to Register and Take the Test Online

3rd:  Order your AIA Certificate of Completion: Click Here  

Questions about the course? Call us: 1-888-698-8705  

Watch the Audio-Video Class to see successful and unsuccessful matches like these:







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